Merge Your Mind and Body to Create with Confidence!

Let go of limiting beliefs to live and work with confidence.


Hi, I’m Cindy, a registered Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Based Practitioner who helps online coaches, and consultants like you, reduce the habit to self sabotage so you can release your life’s work with confidence!


Why Balanced Wisdom is Different…

This isn't just another program telling you that you need to change. You’re perfect as you are. In this program you’ll learn to sit still and make peace with your mind. Move forward knowing you’re more than your thoughts. READ MORE


Do You Hold Yourself Back From the Success You Crave?


  • Do you let worries about what other people think stop you from sharing your work?

  • Feel obligated to “pin down” who you are before committing to your business?

  • Wish you could just enjoy the entrepreneurial journey for once?

  • Spend your days and nights trapped in your head, accomplishing nothing?

  • Unable to let people see your work until it’s, “perfect”?

  • Scared you won’t be able to come through on your promises?


 What’s it Worth?

If you’re sick of feeling like a failure, sick of waiting to have it all figured out to be productive, sick of acting less than you’re worth, click one of the options below to move on today…


Jaye Graham What’s Up Show

In this interview we discuss what is mindfulness and how we can use it with compassion for a kinder way to be with ourselves.

If you want to see more of Jaye’s video go to her FB